To USA with FedEx

All the information you need to send shipments to the USA by FedEx.

Weight calculation

You can send shipments with weight up to 10 kg. For all shipments to the USA, the weight will always be calculated volumetrically. The formula for the calculation (in cm) is as following:

width x length x height


Administration procedures

First of all, it is necessary to fill in the Agreement on Indirect Representation and Power of Attorney for tax proceedings, which you can download here. Among other things, your assigned EORI number must be stated in the contract.

Then send the completed and signed document to the e-mails:



and enter in the subject: FedEx power of attorney – the name of your e-shop

The list of prohibited goods

USA has quite an extensive list of limitations in goods that can be transported. Before sending shipments, it is necessary to check whether your goods are part of the limitation list or not. The complete list of prohibited goods can be found here.

ZIP Code Format for Shipments

FedEx requires a special ZIP code format, without which shipments cannot be delivered. It is a combination of a country code and a 5-digital ZIP number, which has the following format: “AA 12345” (for example UT 84005 = shipment to Utah).

Note: The shipment to the USA can not be sent with COD.

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