General Terms and Conditions

of Packeta eCommerce GmbH
valid from August 1, 2018

The English General Terms and Conditions will be available here soon. The General Terms and Conditions of the German version apply.

General Terms and Conditions - Annexes

Annex 1 / General Terms and Conditions

General Terms and Conditions / Annex 1

Products and tariffs

of Packeta eCommerce GmbH

valid from August 1, 2018


General terms


  1. The forwarder transports shipments to various destination countries. In most countries, the forwarder offers the client two delivery options (defined by the respective delivery locations)
  • Delivery to a pick-up point (Parcel Shops / Pick-Up-Points or automated parcel machines) operated either by the forwarder itself (for example, in the Czech Republic or Slovakia) or by partner carriers (postal and parcel services)
  • Delivery to a (residential) address of the recipient defined by the client (so-called “home delivery”)


2. The product “PARCEL” specfied in this tariff list includes the following additional
services for transport to the defined place of delivery

  • Tracking by means of the forwarder’s information system or, optionally, delivery by contracted carriers, via the websites of the authorized transport companies.
  • secured & demonstrable handover to the recipient, usually against signature
  • insurance


3 . In the case of home delivery, the forwarder uses the services of authorized transport companies (postal and parcel services). As a rule, the forwarder provides delivery solutions provided by several transport service providers who transport the shipments to the destination in the destination country. The product “PARCEL” is based on the model “Best Choice”. The forwarder selects the most suitable transport service provider for the transport (usually the one with the best price / performance ratio). On request and within the framework of individual offers, it is possible to use specific transport service providers at different tariffs and conditions.

4. Optionally, the product “PARCEL” (for an additional fee) includes the additional services

  • Cash-On-Delivery (COD; the forwarder, on the basis of the instructions of the client, upon delivery of the shipment, raises the consignee’s tariff for the shipment specified by the customer)
  • Pick up/collection from a place of dispatch defined by the customer using the German collection solution “collection box”

5. The tariffs quoted in this product and tariff list are standard tariffs that apply to small consignors up to a maximum of 400 shipments / month. Customers who have a higher monthly volume or who send the majority of their shipments to just one destination country will receive an attractive, individual offer from the forwarder on request.

6. In addition to the tariffs applicable to a product, this appendix also contains a description
of the product’s performance characteristics, such as terms, maximum weights and minimum / maximum dimensions, as well as other relevant fees and charges, which will be charged according to these terms and conditions. In the case of an individual offer, these details of the tariff list are replaced by the details in the individual offer, the remaining contents of the terms and conditions apply mutatis mutandis.

7. This annex includes transport services for shipments up to 5kg. The forwarder can also carry

  • Parcel shipments up to 31,5kg
  • Parcel shipments to all destination countries worldwide
  • Letters (documents) to all destinations worldwide

In this case, the forwarder will prepare an individual offer for the client.


8. In case of undeliverable shipments (e.g. wrong address, recipient refuses acceptance of the parcel) the forwarder . If the number of undeliverable shipments exceed 2%, the cost for returning the shipments to the Prague hub are covered by the forwarder. The cost for returning additional shipments to the sender is identical with the cost to send the shipment from the sender to the recipient.


9. If the recipient of a shipment wants to return the shipment, the forwarder offers two options for senders to provide to their customers

  • to use a parel shop of the forwarder in those regions services by those parcel shops or
  • to use local returns addresses. In this case the sender has to take care that the shipment arrives a the local return address, the forwarder takes care of the returns process after receiving the shipment at this address.


Outline of this annex

  • General terms                                        page 1
  • All tariffs and fees at a glance             page 4
  • Country informations                           page 7


All tariffs at a glance / Product: PARCEL

Standard Tariffs

  • Additional fees

Fuel surcharge

Fuel price in CZK/lAmount of fuel surcharge – Delivery option
up to 29,99 CZK/l0 %
30,00 – 32,99 CZK/l2 %
33,00 – 35,99 CZK/l4 %
36,00 – 39,99 CZK/l6 %


The fuel surcharge is charged according to the average price of the Czech State Office and updated every Friday on the website of ČSÚ.

  • With home delivery, the fuel and toll surcharge is already included in the tariff
  • The fuel surcharge is always based on the wage for the provision of the service without VAT, according to the valid tariff sheet of Zasilkovna s.r.o.
  • The fuel surcharge is determined by the average price of the ČSÚ for the last week and will then be used for the entire following calendar month.
  • The fuel surcharge is always listed separately in the invoice.


Toll surcharge

Delivery option toll deliveryAmount of toll surcharge
Package Shops up to 5 kg  Czech Republic and abroad0,50 CZK / 0,02 EUR
Package Shops up to 10 kg  Czech Republic and abroad1,50 CZK / 0,05 EUR


  • With home delivery, the fuel and toll surcharge is already included in the tariff


Other surcharges

Label change of the shipment0,40 EUR
Complaint assistant detection1,10 EUR
Storage of returns (tariff per day)0,55 EUR
Shipments outside the system3,68 EUR
Payment of the COD amount with card in the pick-up point1,4 %


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