New search engine for pick up points for e-shops

Users like convenient pick-up at our pick-up points. Therefore, we decided to make the selection of the ever-expanding number of pick up points clear and simple with a new search engine.

We developed a new online search engine for delivery points, which allows much more convenient selection of the destination delivery point by the customer in a very first place – e-shop baskets.

Simplicity and technology come first!

In addition to simple and modern design, our search engine contains several new useful functions:

Accurate search for pick up points

With the help of geolocation, it will be easy to find the most suitable pick-up point in the area.

Marking of new pick up points

Thanks to that, it will be easier to find a new pick up point opened near the customer. 

Search nearby

This function shows where and how far the nearest pick-up points are from the entered address.

 Monitoring of pick-up points

If the selected pick up point has a holiday or has a full capacity, the search engine will offer the nearest available open pick-up point in the area.

 Up to date information

Thanks to this, it is always known about the current opening hours or the registered holiday of the pick-up point. 

 Last selection saving

The search engine remembers the last delivery point the client has chosen, what significantly speed up the selection for further orders.

If you want to do your own implementation, we have the documentation ready for you. You need to insert your API key in the HTML section.

If you have any questions regarding the functions and implementation of the search engine, do not hesitate to contact us at

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