General questions

What is Packeta?

    • Packeta is an eCommerce platform which manages international parcel shipments and related services , providing a European pick-up, transport, delivery, returns management and cash on delivery solution. Packeta also supports your company when entering Central and Eastern European markets.

Does the service only apply for retailer?

    • Yes, Packeta’s service is aimed at retailer and resellers. BUT the benefits of our solutions can be used for all stakeholders which are intersted in eCommerce delivey solutions, such as fulfilment companies etc. 

What does shipping with Packeta cost?

    • You can download our current standard tariffs directly here. Consignors with more than 400 parcels per month can request an individual offer. For more information on products and prices, please visit our website www.packeta.de

Is there a minimum quantity?

    • Yes, the minimum quantity is 5 parcels per pick-up if you use our solution “collection box”- no matter in which destination country. The shipping volume per month does not matter. Kindly contact us if you require a solution for less volume per collection.

Shipping in general

Which goods can be transported?

    • Allowed: fashion, CD, DVD, books, office supplies, shoes, etc. In general, all items that are not listed in the list of prohibited content, may be shipped.
    • For details on permitted and prohibited content, please refer to our General Terms and Conditions, Appendix 6.

Are there restrictions on the size and weight of a shipment?

How do I determine the size and weight of a shipment?

    • We recommend a package scale to weigh your shipments. Note that Packeta and its carriers will weigh accurately – if your weight is incorrect, additional fees may occur.
    • The girth is calculated as follows: (height + width) x 2 + length.

What happens if a shipment is heavier than specified?

    • If your shipment exeed the max. weight or the max. dimensions, we are entitled to charge an additional fee according to the tariff list of the courier. The weight of your shipment is checked in our hub as well as in the depot of our partners.

How do I pack a shipment correctly?

    • Your goods should be well secured within the package. Use suitable filling materials. The shipping carton should be stable (at least 2-wave corrugated cardboard) and have no cracks or other damages. Seal your shipments with adhesive package tape. The general rule is, that the packaging of your shipment should survive an impact from 80 cm height without damage.
    • We are happy to advise you on suitable packaging materials. Please use our contact form.

How do I correctly fix the parcel label?

    • Please fix the parcel label on the largest surface of your parcel, preferably in the middle or in the left area of ​​the parcel. Do not stick the parcel label over an edge.

Can I send express shipments with Packeta?

    • No, for shipments from Germany we do not offer this service at the moment.

How do you calculate the costs for the parcel labels of the individual shipping service providers? (allowed package dimensions and / or weight restrictions)

    • The permissible package dimensions and / or weight restrictions can be found in our tariffs at a glance.
    • The cost of the parcel labels depends on the weight of your shipment and the destination country. The parcel label, which you receive from Packeta, covers all delivery costs up to the destination address.  

In which sizes / formats do I receive the parcel labels?

    • You will receive your parcel labels as PDF in DIN A6 format. Thus, you can print four parcels on a standard printer at the same time.

Can I cancel already generated parcel labels or change / delete a shipment?

    • Generated / printed parcel labels can be canceled without any problems. You will only be charged for parcel tickets that are actually handed over to the pick-up service.
    • You can delete / cancel a shipment by yourself in your customer portal. Please note that you also have to cancel the collection of the shipments, otherwise you will be charged for the pick-up.

How are the parcel labels printed?

    • Our parcel labels can be printed with any standard printer. We recommend a minimum resolution of 300 DPI.

Are the shipments insured nationally and internationally? What services does the insurance include?

How does the shipping to a Shop (Pick-Up-Point) operated by Packeta work?

    • At the end of the ordering process in your online shop, the customer has the opportunity to select a pick-up-point in his area to which his shipment should be sent. As soon as you enter the shipment into our system, an e-mail with the shipment number will be sent to the recipient. With this shipment number, the customer can track his parcel until it arrives at the pick-up-point . As soon as the shipment arrives at the pick-up-point , a password for collection is sent by e-mail and SMS to the recipient. Within the next 7 days, the shipment can be picked up by the customer. On the last day of collection, the customer will be informed again that his shipment is ready for pick-up or that he can extend the storage period of the shipment in the pick-up-point to 21 days. The possibility of extending the storage period can be set by the sender in the customer portal. If the recipient does not pick up the shipment within the storage period, it will automatically be returned to the sender.

Who is my contact person for complications with shipping?

Online shipping tool

Can I filter my sent packages by status?

    • Yes, you can filter all imported shipments based on status in your customer portal. The shipments can also be sorted by mailing date, sender, type of delivery and delivery service.

How can I, as the sender, check the shipment status of my packages?

    • Log in to your Packeta account. Now search for your shipment in the “Sent” section and click on the magnifying glass “tracking”.

Returns, loss, damage

How do returns from pick-up-points operated by Packeta work?

    • For returning the goods from the customer back to you, the shipments must be provided with our return label. The label is provided to the recipient by the customer (Details: “How does my customer receive a return label?”). The shipment with the return label can be handed over in each of our pick-up-point . If the customer is not able to print out the returned label himself, it will be printed out in the pick-up-point . The shipment can be tracked on the way back to the online shop via our tracking.

How are returns managed if ther is no pick-up-point operated by Packeta available?

    • In countries where we work with partner-based delivery services and none of our pick-up-points is in the vicinity of the recipient of the shipment, the particular shipment must be mailed or delivered to our return address (for a list of our return addresses, click here). For this purpose, the customer adds the return label together with the goods to the shipments and sends it at his own expense to one of our return addresses. Here the packages are sorted and sent back to the respective sender.

How does the customer get a return label for posting in the PaketShop?

    • manual
      • Through the returns tool in your customer portal, you can create the return label for your customer and send it directly to his e-mail address.
    • semi-automatic
      • You will receive a URL which you can already forward to your customer when confirming the order or send it on request. Under this URL, the customer has to enter the shipment number of the shipment. The system generates the returns slip based on the shipment number.
    • fully automatic
      • The return label is generated automatically. It can then be attached directly to the shipment or to the invoice.

If a delivery is damaged, who will refund the costs?

    • Packeta supports you with every complaint process. Who refunds the tariff depends on which part of the transport route the package was damaged. If the damage is caused by insufficient packaging, Packeta is released from liability.

If the package is lost, to whom should I put the search request?

Why was my package returned to me?

    • If no reason for the return is noted in the shipment tracking, please contact customerservice@packeta.de. We will assist you to find our the reason. It may happen that the recipient refuses to accept the shipment or that the recipient can not be found. In these cases, the package will be returned to you. In the event of delivery via our PaketShop, the shipment will be automatically returned after seven days without collection or extension of the storage period. (You can set the options of the storage period individually in your customer portal).

International shipping

In which countries can I ship with Packeta?

    • We have been successfully shipping to the United Kingdom, Austria, Poland, the Czech Republic, Slovakia, Hungary, Romania, Bulgaria and of course within Germany for several years. End of 2018 you can ship via Packeta to whole EU28.

Which international shipping providers can I use?

    • We are always looking for the best and cheapest shipping providers for your destination country. We use the following partners.

What are the average delivery times for international shipments?

    • Depending on the destination country, the delivery time varies. Average delivery times can be found in our Stardard Tariff List here.

How can I ship cross-border?

    • During shipment tracking in your customer portal, you can freely select the destination country. Make sure that the currency conversion settings are up to date.

How does the customs process for international shipping work?

    • When shipping to member states of the European Union, a customs clearance is not required.
    • On request we will gladly provide you with information about shipping to the Ukraine.

How does international shipment tracking work?

    • You get a shipment number. On our website you can enter this number using “Tracking” and the current status of your shipment is displayed.

Integrations/ APIs

How can I import my orders?

How can I connect my Marketplace account to Packeta?

    • At present, we do not have a direct connection with marketplaces, e.g. Amazon. In this case, please use the option to upload .csv shipment data.

Can I connect my shop system to Packeta?

    • Absolutely, if your shop system has a plugin (a software component that connects the shop system directly to our system). Which shop systems we currently support can be found at  https://github.com/Zasilkovna/

How does the automatic import of shipment data work?

    • Very easily. You upload your shipment data in .csv format to your customer portal – thats it!

Can I upload orders directly from my own shop?

    • Yes – if your shop is connected to our system via an API or your shop system has one of our plugins. The list of shop systems we support can be found at https://github.com/Zasilkovna/. In any case, you can export your shipment data from the shop system and upload it as a .csv to your customer portal.

Does Packeta provide an API?

    • Yes, you can connect your software to our system with an API. For IT: Our system uses a SOAP protocol or a REST interface, the data representation takes place in XML format. The individual API key and the password can be found directly on the start page in your customer portal. Detailed information can be found at https://docs.packetery.com/ Our it support will gladly answer your questions.

Can I use my API Keys for more than one website?

    • Yes, the API keys are used to securely and uniquely identify your system. If you submit the data in the correct and predetermined form, you can do so from multiple websites – but of course you can connect only one website to our system at the same time. If you would like to exchange data from several websites at the same time, please contact our IT support.

Collection box

What is the collection box?

    • The collection box is a shipping box into which several (at least five) smaller consignments are placed. The smaller consignments can be sent with our collection box to different destination countries. When the collection box arrives at our hub (distribution center), we open it and send the smaller consignments on their individual route to their destination throughout Europe. You will find more information about the collection box on our info sheet.

What is the advantage of the collection box?

    • The pick-up box also makes it possible for small shippers to minimize pick-up costs and to serve international markets. With us you ship cheap in Europe.

How can I use the collection box?

    • All information about the pickup can be found on our Factsheet about the collection box.

How does shipment tracking work for shipments sent in a collection box?

    • You can track your collection box directly from the tracking service of the pick-up service. As soon as the content of the collection box has been read in the first distribution center, the individual consignments can also be tracked via our system until delivery to the customer.

Pick-up and shipment tracking

When and how are my packages picked up?

    • We provide you with a software solution with which you can organize the pick-up and order the necessary collection boxes.

What can I do if I am not available at the agreed pick-up time and can not hand over the shipment/s?

    • You can ask someone else to hand over the collection box at the agreed time or arrange another appointment.

Which documents do I have to give to the pick-up service in addition to the shipments?

    • You do not need to provide the pick-up service with any additional documents. The delivery note (list of all shipments in the collection box) is always placed with the shipments in the collection box.

Can the pick-up service refuse my shipment?

    • As soon as the collection box exceeds the agreed parameters, it can be excluded from transport. Please always check the weight and dimensions of the shipment before handing it over to the shipping service provider.

Is the driver of the pick-up service waiting while I pack my shipment?

    • Please keep your shipments ready for pick-up on the agreed pick-up date. We do not guarantee that the driver will wait while you pack your shipments.

What can I do if the pick-up service does not arrive on the agreed time?

    • Our pick-up service lets you track your driver’s route in real time. The collection time is updated hourly to guarantee the best possible service. If the driver does not find his way to you, please call the responsible customer service.

How much does the pick-up cost?

    • When using the pick-up box with at least five parcels, pick-up is free of charge.
    • Individual pick-up: The specific tariffs are customized in the offer.

Does a booked pick-up take place in a specific time window?

    • Yes, you can even track your pick-up driver in real-time on your PC / tablet or smartphone and respond quickly to possible changes.

How do I receive a receipt for pick-up?

    • A receipt will be given to you by the pick-up driver.

Will my packages be picked up on the weekend?

    • No, the collection of our collection boxes takes place on weekdays.

Can I also hand over packages ready for collection in a German parcel shop?

    • No, at the moment our service is only possible via collection box or via individual solution.

shipment tracking

Can the parcel receiver track the shipment status of his parcel?

    • Immediately after abandoning the shipment, the parcel recipient receives an e-mail with all important data for the shipment and a link for the shipment tracking.

Is it possible to track a package with the tracking number of the shipping service provider?

    • Yes, the shipment tracking on our website also uses the tracking number of the shipping service provider.

Is it possible to configure e-mail notifications (for example, the location of the shipment, etc.) for my recipients?

    • No, unfortunately, no changes can be made in the e-mail notifications. Recipients can contact our customer service who will be happy to help with any questions about sending status.


What happens if the recipient refuses to accept a shipment or the recipient is not found at the specified address (several times)?

    • If this is the case, the shipment will be returned to the online shop. In your client section you can set the desired method of delivery of returns via “User data” -> “Billing address”.

What can I do if my client claims not to have received the package?

    • In such cases, please contact our customer service customerservice@packeta.de. We take care of the communication with the respective shipping service provider and support you in any complaints.

Payment and invoices (costs, tariffs and billing)

Is there a setup fee at Packeta? Monthly fee? What are the fees and costs of using Packeta?

    • The use of our shipping software is free. You pay only for shipments that you ship via us.

How are the costs charged? / Which payment methods does Packeta offer? (What is an authorization of payment?)

    • All shipments are accounted weekly. The collected COD amounts in our PaketShops will be deducted from the invoice amount.

How can I change my payment details?

Where can I review and download my previous invoices?

    • Log in to your Packeta customer account. You can view, download and print all your previous invoices under the menu item “Invoices”.

How can I change my billing address?

    • Log in to your Packeta customer account. Under the menu item “User data” you will find the subitem “Invoice address”. There you can make changes by clicking on the pencil on the right side.

Which payment methods are there?

    • You will receive an e-bill from us and we ask you to pay via online banking within 10 days from receipt.


Where can I find out the shipping costs of a shipment?

What does the tariff of a shipment depend on?

    • The tariff depends on the weight of the shipment, the delivery method (Home Delivery – PaketShop) and the destination country.

Which services are included in the shipping tariffs?

    • The following services are included in the shipping tariffs: client section support, parcel label delivery, tracking, notification of the recipient by e-mail or SMS und insurance depending on the country and delivery method.

When will the parcel labels that i have created be settled?

    • The parcel labels are settled as soon as the shipment is read in the first distribution center (Hub).

Where can I find an overview of the shipping tariffs?

    • Our current Standard Tariff List can be found on our website www.packeta.de. Consignors with over 400 packages per month can request an individual offer.

Accounts and data

I registered, but I can not log in. What seems to be the problem?

    • It may be that your account has not been activated yet. Please check the entered data again, above all upper and lower case letters. If your access does not work please contact us at customerservice@packeta.de

Why do I have to provide my billing address and bank details?

    • Unfortunately, without this data, no shipments can be sent via our platform.

How can I change my user data?

    • To change your user data, please log in to your Packeta customer account. Under the menu item “User data” you can make the desired changes.

My account has been blocked, I can not log in anymore.

How can I change my password?

    • Please log in to your Packeta customer account. Now click on the start page on the top right side of your profile. There you will find the sub-item “My Profile”. Select it and change your password in the given field.

How can I reset my password?

    • On the website https://client.packetery.com, click on “Forgotten your password?”. In the new window, enter your e-mail address that you use for the customer portal. You will receive an e-mail with further instructions.

How can I delete my account?

    • Please contact us, we will check the current status of your shipments and invoices. Then we delete your account.

Your question is not answered here?

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