Direct label printing

To ensure the smooth delivery of shipments during COVID-19, our predictions led us to make important changes in direct label printing. 

Some time ago, we created a function of direct label printing on an external carrier, which will simplify and significantly speed up the entire delivery process. You can set up direct printing both in the client section and via the API. You can easily install it according to our manual.

Direct printing advantages

✅   speed up the whole delivery process

✅   external carrier tracing is immediately available

✅   easier processing of shipments

✅   lower risk of errors

✅   solution is completely free

Surcharge for re-labeling

Due to the increasing volumes of shipments that have a damaged, incorrect or indirect label that makes shipment complicated and slows them down, we have decided to start charging a  surcharge of 0.5 EUR for re-labelling.

In which cases will the surcharge occur?

      • the shipment does not have a direct label from  an external carrier (does not apply to clients who use best delivery solution for HD or used the direct print function, but an error occurred on our side during printing)
      • the label will be illegible – poor printing (low toner in the printer, etc.)
      • the barcode is shifted on the label (a piece of barcode is missing, the wrong paper size is selected, etc.),
      • the label will be of poor quality glued (torn, half peeled off, the adhesive tape extends over the bar code, etc.)
      • if the data on the consignment is manipulated only after the label has been printed ( change of the dispensing point)
We believe that you will understand our steps to secure capacity and speed up delivery, and together we will ensure a smooth delivery process.

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