BREXIT and related changes

We have recently informed you of changes related to shipments to the United Kingdom, given that the UK is leaving the European Union on the 1st of January 2021. We have other important information for you related to this process.

“Due to the sudden closure of the border between the United Kingdom and France, the shipments will have a delay and possible return in case parcels without a customs declaration fail to cross the borders in time. We recommend temporarily suspending the submission of shipments to the UK.”

Shipping to the Republic of Ireland

Our current Hermes solution delivers to Ireland via the UK. Unfortunately, we do not found the opportunity to deliver directly to Ireland with this partner. That is why we have prepared a new solution for sending parcels to IE: from now on we will ship through the carrier Anpost.

We will switch off the IE Hermes HD solution (ID: 4524) on 23rd of December 2020. Immediately afterwards, the new IE Anpost HD carrier (ID: 9990) will be available.

Shipping via marketplace (Amazon, Ebay, etc.)

The obligation to register for VAT and EORI in the UK arises either for the e-shop itself or for the marketplace. It means that if you sell shipments through Amazon, Ebay or similar online marketplaces, you do not need to register. However, you still need to provide us with a UK VAT number and UK EORI number for your marketplace.

For shipments over GBP 135, our partner will pay customs and VAT, so it is necessary to agree with the marketplace not to pay customs and tax on your behalf in this case.

 Good to know: After the New Year, we will change your return address in the UK for customs clearance. We will notify you immediately when the change occurs.

Shipping to the United Kingdom of Great Britain and Northern Ireland (UK)

As we announced, in order to send goods to the UK from the New Year, you will need to be registered in the UK for VAT and have the generated UK EORI number. These numbers can be filled in the client section under your billing address (see image below). If you do not know your access data to your client section, please contact us at, we will help you fill in these numbers under your account.

If you submit shipments via the API, please refer to our API documentation for details on entering the customs declaration for GB Royal Mail 24/48 services.

How to register for VAT in the UK and obtain a UK EORI number?

Details can be found on our blog.

  Thank you for understanding


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